Brows tattoo is a unique form of semi-permanent makeup (semi - PMU) that creates natural, beautiful eyebrows. Your brows are personalized to suit your face shape. At Lux Beauty PMU we will discuss your lifestyle, makeup routine and customize the ideal brows shape.  

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$450  | 3 hrs

Makeup Technique giving you the "Instagram brow". This is a form of powder that replicates the look of your eyebrow pencil.


hair strok.jpg

$550  | 4 hrs

Nicely shaped and natural looking hair strokes done with machine technique. Each procedure is specially designed and drawn on you. This technique is very popular in the permanent makeup world because the eyebrows heal quickly and this method is less traumatic. Hairstroke after procedure doesn't change their form under the skin. This technique application is more difficult than using Microblading technique, but it definitely serves to give amazing results.


Ombre Powder Brows.jpg

$500  | 3 hrs

Replicates the look of your eyebrow pencil. Ombre has a gradient where it goes lighter at the center of the eyebrow and gradually gets darker towards the end of the brow.

Color Booster for Brows

$250  | 2 hrs 30 min

Color Booter is a procedure to boost the color of your Brows which will result to boost the beauty of your face. Lux Beauty PMU is a permanent make-up clinic in Arizona.  Check our Google to see how happy our clients are after visiting Lux Beauty Permanent makeup in Arizona

Touch up for Brows

$100 | 1 hrs 30 min

At your touch up for Brows appointment, we can make any changes you want, to give you the perfect Brows. Lux Beauty PMU is a permanent make-up clinic in Arizona. We do touch up for Brows Shading, Ombre Powder Brows, Machine Hairstrokes

Consultation for PMU

$45  | 45 min

Applied towards your schedule treatment