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Meet Irina Day

                Irina Day is a Makeup & Permanent Makeup Artist. She is the founder of Lux Beauty PMU. Irina is now favored among experts within the permanent makeup industry for having a solid history of expertise and stunning reputation, as a makeup artist and as a permanent makeup artist
Irina, benefiting now from 15 years of artistry skill and experience, have given her the ability to give her customers the most natural and flattering results. Rest assured that her clients get her absolute best. Her technique is exquisite. Her signature Brow Shading and Lip Blush techniques , provide a natural appearance that accentuate your features and color, rather than drawing attention to them. Her method of applying eyeliner and lip color is précised, and in good taste truly artistic. If you desire perfect results, Irina will work with you to make you feel your most beautiful. Looking your absolute best is what she can do for you.

Owner and Artist

You are visiting the right place. From the moment you step into her place, you will be treated with top priority to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You will be properly and professionally informed based on the procedure of your choice. She will take the time to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. You will not regret coming here as she we will help you obtain the look that expresses the way you feel or rediscovering that youthful beauty you have missed with the passing of the years. It is our mission to have you look your very best through healthy results.


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